Support for Knowledge-Intensive Activities of Entrepreneurs in Ida-Virumaa

The support aims to diversify the economy of Ida-Viru and create new high-value-added jobs. Projects eligible for support are those carried out by entrepreneurs operating in Ida-Viru or investing in the region.

The support measures are targeted towards:

  • Companies looking to develop innovative technologies, processes, products, or services; experimenting with new materials, or gathering knowledge on technological feasibility.
  • Entrepreneurs can participate independently or in collaboration with other companies, research institutions, testing laboratories, or intellectual property experts.
  • All companies registered in the Estonian Business Register, regardless of size and operating time, planning to implement a project in Ida-Viru or planning to invest in the region, are eligible to participate. Participating companies must not be in financial distress.

In the application round, the minimum requested support amount is €100,000, and the maximum is €5,000,000. The required co-financing ranges from 20% to 75%.

Projects can apply for support in two application rounds:

  • For projects involving only research and development activities, applications are open continuously until the budgeted funds (€5.447 million) are exhausted, with support ranging from €100,000 to €2 million per project.
  • For projects covering pilot infrastructure, applications are open continuously until the budgeted funds (€15 million) are exhausted, with a maximum support of €5 million per project.

The support can be used for:

  • Conducting applied research
  • Product development
  • Carrying out feasibility studies
  • Initial protection of intellectual property
  • Design, infrastructure development, network connection, and other supporting activities related to the establishment of a knowledge-intensive pilot infrastructure required for the initial industrial deployment of a new product, service, or technology.

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