Business plans & financial projections

The purpose of preparing a business plan is to develop a clear and concrete vision of what the company and its managers plan to implement. The need to prepare a business plan is both for start-up companies and for companies who want to change their strategic directions or implement a new, large-scale project. Business plan is also one of the important document for financing and/or raising a capital. A correctly drawn up business plan increases the seriousness and credibility of the business idea and enables the involvement of necessary resources and capital, for example in the form of loans, leases, grants, guarantees, as well as investors. A business plan is often mandatory when applying for funding.

An integral part of the business plan are also financial forecasts. Financial forecasts are one of the most important parts of the business plan, because they show whether the business model is theoretically profitable and sustainable or not. Financial forecasts are an irreplaceable work tool for both starting and functioning entrepreneurs, and the skillful use of these forecasts contributes greatly to the starting business activities.

Our consultants have been preparing business plans and financial projections since 2007, and during this time we have prepared successful business plans and prognoses for many companies operating in a wide variety of fields of activity.

Grant applications

There are a lot of different types of financing grants for Estonian companies and private individuals, from which you can very likely find the most suitable one for yourself for apply the financing.

Our consultants have very long and successful experiences in preparing funding and project applications, and we support our clients throughout the entire process – from the selection of the most suitable support fund, the preparation of application documentation, to organizing communication between the sponsor and the applicant. If needed, we will also help our clients preparing project reports for the financier during the whole project implementation period.

We have experience in applying for a wide variety of grants from both internal Estonian (EAS, RTK, PRIA, KredEx, MES, KIK, KYSK, LEADER, etc.) and European Union (European Commission, Horizon, etc.) funds.

Project management

When implementing projects, it is usually necessary to comply with various requirements set by the financier and to carry out the project according to the agreed time and manner, while staying within the limits of the given budget. Financiers also require periodic project reports. We offer a complete project management service to ensure that project reporting is in order and the project is carried out as agreed.

Usually the project management service consists of the following parts:

  • Monitoring compliance with requirements by the financier;
  • Administrative management and coordination of the project team and organizing the communication and information exchange between participants;
  • Organizing project work meetings and adherence to project activity and schedule and budget;
  • Preparing project reports, responding to funder’s follow-up inquiries;
  • If necessary, organizing tenders related to the project;


Finding and involving financing is often one of the most important issues when starting new projects or expanding an existing business. We help our clients realize their ideas and plans by finding necessary and suitable financing options. To this end, we formulate his plans together with the client, prepare the necessary presentation materials and help attract the necessary financial resources from private sector investors, banks, and various support measures.

Business consultations

In addition to the previously described consultancy services, we also offer other, very wide-spectrum business and management consultations, such as:

  • Preparation of various studies and analyzes (incl. market studies, competition analyses, industry overviews, investment profitability analyses, profitability and feasibility studies, “DNSH” and environmental impact analyses, risk analyses, etc.);
  • Business diagnostics;
  • Organizing public procurement or participating in public procurement;
  • Auditing and renewal business model and/or strategy;
  • Development plans and strategies;
  • Financial consultations (Due Diligence, valuation services);
  • Audit and development of business processes;
  • Management of changes.;

Since each consultant has their own specific field of experiences and expertise, we also include other experts and consultants from our cooperation partners whose network we have created over the years in the consulting project. This way, we can ensure that for our client will be offered business and management consulting based on his actual needs and doing so with the best possible quality.

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