Ida-Viru Entrepreneurship Investment Support

The support contributes to the diversification of the Ida-Viru economy. The transition to a climate-neutral economy most significantly affects the Ida-Viru county in Estonia. The support encourages companies to diversify their business activities. With the support, it is possible to make investments that create new jobs.

The support can be used for:

  • Acquiring or renting tangible assets
  • Configuring assets, transportation, and transport insurance, if these costs are included in the purchase price
    Acquiring intangible assets
  • Purchasing land
    Building or renting facilities necessary for production
  • Acquiring mobile machinery, if it is necessary for carrying out economic activities and is recognized as a fixed asset
    Investing in renewable energy production
  • Conducting product development and applied research (salaries, business trips, services, materials, equipment usage)
  • Applying for initial protection of intellectual property
  • Training employees
  • Consultations, assessments, and design for project preparation
  • Infrastructure development and network connection

The support is a minimum of €500,000, with a minimum self-financing share of 20%.

NB: Application preparation services are eligible expenses within this support measure.

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