Ida-Viru support for investment by small and medium-sized enterprises

The support will contribute to the growth of competitiveness and added value of small and medium-sized enterprises in Ida-Viru County that create new jobs or maintain existing ones.

The support will make it possible to invest in product development, as well as in the development of processes related to the company’s product or service. The support is intended for enterprises in Ida-Viru County.

Support is available for the establishment of a new company or unit, the production of a new product or service, the increase of production capacity or the complete restructuring of an existing enterprise’s entire production process:

  • the purchase of machinery and equipment and intangible assets needed for their use, including connection to a network or modification of an existing network connection;
  • the development of products and the application for the initial protection of the resulting intellectual property;
  • the development of processes related to the product or service of the undertaking;
  • the preparation of a ‘no significant harm’ policy assessment
  • project preparation
  • design

The maximum grant will be € 500 000, with a minimum co-financing rate of 20%.

NB: The service of preparing the application is an eligible cost under this support measure.

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