In November, the circular economy support program KIK will open again

The goal of the circular economy program is to support the sustainable use of natural resources, landscape improvement, organization and dissemination of information about natural resources, and reduction of environmental impact resulting from mineral exploration, mining, and usage. It aims to promote the development of circular economy models, increase awareness in the field of circular economy, and develop and promote sustainable solutions for consumption and production.

The budget for the circular economy program in 2023 is 1,564,411 euros, divided between two rounds. The maximum amount of support for one project is up to 312,882 euros.

The percentage of support depends on the applicant: • For businesses – up to 50% • For local governments – up to 80% • For non-profit organizations and foundations – up to 80% • For public legal entities (including higher education institutions) – up to 80%

The maximum duration of a project is 24 months from the decision to grant the funds. For research, development, and inventories, the eligibility period can be extended up to 36 months.

Applications for the circular economy program are accepted annually.

Additional information:

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