KIK Opens Calls for Proposals in Fisheries, Marine Environment, Forestry, and Water Management

The Environmental Investment Center (KIK) has opened its environmental program calls for proposals, where support can be sought for activities in the fields of fisheries, marine environment, forestry, and water management.

The environmental program includes nine sectoral programs, aiming to support environmental activities, thereby protecting and preserving natural diversity and the surrounding environment.

Calls for proposals have been opened for the first four programs of the environmental program, but soon, calls will also be opened for atmospheric air protection, co-financing, and nature conservation programs. In the second quarter, calls for proposals for the environmental awareness program will open, in the third quarter, the second calls for proposals for co-financing and nature conservation programs are planned to be opened, and the call for proposals for the circular economy program will be in the last quarter of the year.

From the Fisheries program, support can be requested for conducting fishery-related studies, restoring spawning areas or habitats, developing infrastructure for recreational fishing, stocking important fish species, and implementing surveillance, cooperation, and awareness projects. The maximum amount of support for research projects is up to 60,000 euros, and infrastructure objects are supported on state or municipal land. In the case of dam removal or the construction of natural-like fish passages, significant lowering of the water level must occur. More information can be found on the KIK website here.

All projects that aim to ensure or maintain the good environmental status of the Estonian marine area are welcome to apply for the Marine Environment program’s call for proposals. Support can be requested for studies, monitoring, development work, developing and deploying technology enabling sustainable use of the sea, as well as various activities aimed at eliminating and preventing pollution from ships and ports. The budget for the call for proposals is 450,000 euros. The target group for the support measure includes non-profit organizations, foundations, companies, research institutions, and local governments. More information can be found on the KIK website here.

In the Forestry program, support is provided for forestry-related training, information, and communication projects, studies, and training of private forest owners. From the hunting sub-program, only compensation for game damage is supported. This time, preference is given to studies aimed at exploring opportunities for transitioning to permanent forestry and conducting intensive forestry on non-forest land. Communication projects can receive a maximum of 70,000 euros per project. The call for proposals is primarily aimed at research institutions offering forestry higher education, as well as non-profit organizations and foundations, but local governments and companies can also request support. More information can be found on the KIK website here.

The budget for the Water Management program’s call for proposals is 3,607,500 euros, divided between five activities. You can familiarize yourself with all the supported activities and conditions of the water management program on the KIK website here. In this call, support is provided for the reconstruction of existing public water supply and sewage systems (ÜVK) in the field of drinking water supply and wastewater treatment, and for building new ÜVK systems in areas serving more than 500 population equivalents (pe), as well as for the construction of pre-treatment plants for industrial and production companies connected to ÜVK. Support continues for the reconstruction and establishment within small wastewater collection areas (up to 100 pe), including the construction of pre-treatment plants for industrial and production companies connected to ÜVK. Additionally, support is given for the elimination of residual pollution and the securing of pollution sites. Support is also available for conducting studies provided in the current water management plans and for other development work of national importance in the water management field. In the sub-program for the restoration and maintenance of inland and coastal waters, we support activities that help to maintain or achieve a good or very good condition or ecological potential of water bodies.

The deadline for submitting applications is April 15, 2024, at 5:00 PM.

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